Two Easy Tricks to get you Leaner

Two easy tricks to get you leaner. And get your water in!

Water is vital for our well being. Water helps our energy. When we are well hydrated, there is more oxygen available to burn more fat. Water also removes toxins and plays a vital role in all bodily functions especially for our brain and digestion. 

Drink two cups of water before your meals. Water fills your stomach and seems to create satiety, which leads you to eat less at your main meals.

Obese participants who drank 2 cups of water for 12 weeks lost three pounds more than those in the control group published in the journal Obesity. People who drank water before all three meals lost more than 5 pounds total in the three-month study period.

Another easy thing to add into your daily diet is protein. Protein supports both weight loss and maintenance according to a 2015 research review published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 

Protein is important at every meal, it’s key in the morning. I love eggs! 

I eat 2 1/2 eggs every morning (15g of protein.) Protein creates satiety throughout the day. It also leads to reductions in food cravings and unhealthy evening snacking. 

So drink more water before meals and add protein for breakfast to get a bit leaner and feel amazing all summer long. 

Be Healthy. Be Happy.

~ Beth