True Inspirations

Let me introduce you to Bill. Bill has been one of my clients for 18 years. Bill is the most positive and inspirational man I know. He plays tennis every week, golfs, Pilates twice a week, trains with me twice a week and hikes, mountain bikes and skis all winter long in Aspen. Bill turns 80 years young July 9, 2018. 
He amazes everyone in the gym. He looks so fit and trim in his clothes. Maybe because his body fat is 11%! (Normal body fat for males is 18-22%; females 26-31%.) Most people think he’s 60 years old. Who doesn’t want to be in the best shape of their life and look 20 years younger at 80!
When Bill was seven years old, he was stricken with Polio. Bill remembers the doctors telling his parents that he may never walk again. Bill says when he left the hospital two months later, the entire room was filled with children with Polio. 
Bill has been an advocate for fitness his entire life. As CEO of Quaker Oaks, he created an amazing fitness center for all of his employees. 
When you meet Bill, his light and energy shines so bright. He has a brilliant mind and a brilliant spirit. Everyone loves Bill and his positive energy and generosity are contagious.
I’d also like to introduce you to one more very special person, my great-auntie Rosemary. She turns 102 on July 11th. Yes, 102. She still lives in the house she was born in (1916.) She was a second mom to my dad and his siblings. 
She walks to the park every single day (unless it’s too cold or snowing) to hang out with all the doggies in the neighborhood. If she’s not at the park, then she’s walking to the library to get 7 books. She loves to read, do crossword puzzles and puzzles, cooks every meal for herself and can converse about anything and everything. We talk a lot about the Chicago Bulls. She’s a huge fan like me! 
People have no idea she is 102. She is the most joyful person to talk to on the phone and in person. She lights up a room and is interested in everyone in that room. What a blessing to have her in our lives all these years. She is the matriarch of our family. 
Health is truly happiness. I am forever grateful to Bill and Auntie Rosemary ~ for their beautiful love, light, wisdom and inspiration. Two unbelievable souls to inspire us all.