SHINE Workshop

I was in LA with my best friends and took a beautiful workshop called SHINE. My dear friend and energy worker, Izabella ( suggested this workshop to me. We are both very intuitive and it just resonated with me. And I take every chance I get to see my best buddies in LA!!


I truly enjoy challenging myself and striving to become the best version of myself. We should all find things that inspire us, challenge us and help make us a better person.


We worked on all kinds of cool techniques to relax our minds — the mind that never shuts up, the mind that always tries to sabotage us! We are not our thoughts. We are not our emotions. When you can step back from this part of your mind — the part that says to you, “you can’t wear that, you look terrible”, “you’re so bloated, you look fat”, “you can’t do that”, “are you crazy, what’s wrong with you”.... When you sit back, relax your lower belly & breathe through your belly, then you can truly be PRESENT. When we are present, that’s when we are in the flow, in the zone, we think our best and we make good things happen!


So relax your belly, sit back, breathe and be present. When I shine, you shine and we all SHINE together. 🌟


Be healthy. Be happy.

~ Beth