Reduce Anxiety

Life is moving faster than ever before especially with technology increasing exponentially. America’s top mood disorder affects 40 million adults in the US. Yikes. 

Although you would never know it, I’ve been battling anxiety ever since my dogs died 8 years ago. (I think they kept me calm & centered!) And, when I was writing my book back in 2004, I’m pretty sure I had major anxiety then too. Anxiety, depression & OCD also runs in my family. 

Here are some great things you can do to reduce anxiety:

1. Working out is one of the best things you can do for yourself mentally and of course physically.

Exercising 4-6 days a week will definitely help keep anxiety manageable. Yoga is a fantastic workout too because breathing with movement connects the mind and body. 

2. Take a break from your phone.

We are constantly being bombarded with texts, emails, Instagram, likes & swipes... When we hear a ping from our phone, our bodies release adrenaline. Adrenaline is supposed to be for when we really need it (like life vs death kinda stuff) and unfortunately, it is becoming the norm which is overtaxing our bodies. 

So consider putting down your phone a few hours per week; put it in airplane mode; turn off notifications. Take a break. Always make sure your phone is off or silenced at night so you get complete rest.

3. Be Present.

Anxiety is all about thinking about the future — all the things we need to do, everything in our minds and even thinking about the past. 

Focus on the NOW. Just BE. Breathing is key. Just for a moment, place your hand on your lower belly. Inhale deeply, feeling the belly rise/ pushing out; then let it fall as you exhale. Breathe slowly - 3-count inhale; 3 count exhale. This will calm your mind & body instantly. Try deep belly breathing a few times throughout your day. 

4. Spend time in Nature.

It’s finally summer so get outside and enjoy! Go biking or sit on the lakefront, a city park, a backyard, the botanical gardens... Being near water completely soothes my soul. I feel completely recharged. Being in nature can reduce blood pressure, muscle tension and reduce stress hormones. 

5. Follow your Heart.

Not your head. Sometimes our mind and intuition create conflict within and can cause high-level stress. Our hearts know deep down what we should be doing; what we’d like to do. Go within and ask yourself what it is that you should be doing to make yourself healthier and happier. 

Breathe. Be. Enjoy the weather, the summer and your loved ones. Live in the moment. 


~ Be Healthy. Be Happy.