Posture and Body Language

I’m a big believer in having great posture. People often compliment my posture and you can have beautiful posture too. 

Being aware of your posture is key. Lifting through the core; keeping the lower belly pulled in slightly and even your upper abs will keep your core engaged and elongated. 

Shoulders are part of the alignment as well. Pull your shoulders back ever so slightly and it will make all the difference to look long and lean. 

When you are walking around outside, around the office, doing cardio at the gym or taking a power walk, be cognizant of your core and pull in the lower belly. It will also keep your spine and lower back healthy and strong.

Posture conveys subconscious messages that we all pick up on through our body language. When you have great posture, you look taller and more confident. In comparison, if someone is even slightly slumped over in their shoulders, they seem to be less confident, tired or disengaged. 

I recently had a business meeting and one of the participants had their arms crossed the entire hour and a half, even the minute we met. Just their body language (and of course my intuition) made me feel as though they were either intimidated or disinterested. 

Be aware of how you carry yourself and how you would like to come across to people. Being open to others requires an openness with your body language and feeling comfortable within your own skin. An elongated posture with an engaged core will look as though you are feeling great, positive and happy, even if you’re not, it will sure look like it!

Be healthy. Be happy.