Healthiness = Happiness

Think back to a time where you may have been injured, sick, or even heartbroken- this was more than likely not the happiest time in your life. You may have felt more lethargic, prone to staying in bed longer, you might have even isolated yourself from other people or activities. Now ask yourself, why? The answer that I am hoping you found is that your physical state and mental state are so closely related that one cannot happily exist if the other is not healthy, because healthiness = happiness.

If you or someone that you care for are trying to find inspiration to begin living a healthier lifestyle and jump into the workout world, start with a walk. The simple act of your body moving releases endorphins, pumps up your circulation and boosts your heart and lung functions. If you are still not feeling the motivation from the science behind movement, remember that we are only given one body and that body is the temple for our soul. We are trusted to care for our body and soul and should always aim to give it the healthy temple that it needs and deserves.

When you are ready to take it to the next level the first thing you need to do is get a goal and always keep that goal in mind. That goal should keep you grounded in your new healthy lifestyle and help you to stay on the right track, whether that be getting out of bed and to the gym or skipping the candy and cookie bar at work.

If your goal isn’t working for you as well as you might hope, revert to walking and remembering that feeling of lightness and the burst of energy you get after your body is up and moving. Remind yourself that if a simple walk can pump up your body and spirit so much, a full trip to the gym will do wonders for your soul and its temple. Always know that you can count on exercise to be there for you when you are stressed, disheartened, or discouraged.

Exercising is the gateway to an overall healthier and more well-rounded lifestyle. Exercise may lead to healthy eating and feeling energized which will keep you more active and will help you sleep easier at night, leaving you to wake up refreshed and more energized to get back to the gym. Exercise is the starting point for the cycle of healthy living, it could do as much as give you the confidence boost you need all the way to helping you radiate positive energy and better manage your own stress.

One last helpful tip for those who may be struggling to find the mental motivation to get out there and exercise:

Think of a friend who may be suffering, whether it be physically or emotionally, where they are incapable of working out right now and dedicate your workout to them. Make your workout an opportunity for a daily meditation or a chance to reflect and send positive energies and love into the atmosphere. Whether I am in the gym or simply sitting on a beach I always take time to be mindful of that moment and use that moment to feel love, compassion, and happiness.

Health is happiness. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with oxygen and love. Be grateful for your health and your opportunities to feel happiness because of it.