Getting rid of Bloating

This past winter I was dealing with constant bloat. Ugh. If you are a woman, I know you can relate especially if you are in your 40’s. Hormones rule our worlds especially a week before our menstrual cycle. As long as you realize you are hormonal, then you can just “go with the flow”, pun intended, and know the icky feelings of that bloatedness will pass. Men do not understand that we can’t even wear certain clothes on those days. It’s just not happening. 
Also, stress raises cortisol levels & can cause bloat. Stop being stressed! 😃 Sometimes I take a moment to remember a great song from a reggae band I love, Rebelution — “Too blessed to be stressed.” It puts things in perspective. 
One of the best things you can do to decrease bloat is to drink a ton of water! This will help flush the system & help the body to release water. Water can become the perfect detox. Working out is also a must! You always feel better mentally (and physically) after a workout. Maybe even take a hot yoga class! 
Just being aware of the timing of your cycle will also help you let go mentally. When you’re feeling down, hormonal, etc., then at least you are aware — so breathe, accept & know it soon will pass. (And don’t ever weigh yourself! I am sometimes 5-7 pounds up on those not so fabulous days!) 
Make sure you watch your sodium intake. Extra sodium will hold water in the body. I have also recently cut out Soy. I love my soy chai tea lattes so I have switched to almond milk or coconut milk. I really think it will make a difference! I’ll keep you posted. Almost all soy is genetically modified (GM) which is not good for the body. My naturopath told me to cut out soy but I kept going back. It’s amazing what the body craves. 
Keep water at your desk & with you in the car. Try to drink 1 1/2 L by 4-5pm everyday. 
Let’s keep shining, enjoy those good hormones and let go of anything holding us back. Drink more water so you feel lean & fabulous all summer long! Happy summer to you all. ☀️