Eating Like a "Normal Person"

Did you know that two out of three people are considered overweight or have obesity? We are so used to eating on the run — grabbing food whenever we can, eating fast food, food loaded with preservatives or possibly not eating all day and then overeating at night.

Eating like a “normal person” means quick running over to Potbelly’s, Subway or Jimmy John’s. The problem with these quick food places is that the food is loaded with preservatives, sodium, fat and too many calories.

Some quick facts for you:

An original wreck sandwich from Potbelly’s has 540 calories, 21g of fat, 35g protein, 58g of carbs and 1450mg of sodium! That’s not even their big sandwich!

Their Mediterranean salad has 1520g of sodium and 15g of fat. Add Ranch dressing and add another 24 grams of fat!

Crazy, right?

I recently ate like “a normal person” in San Diego with my cousin. I did not eat a proper lunch due to traveling from LA so I ate WAY too many chips & guacamole at dinner (we’ve all been there)! I felt too full afterwards. (I can’t stand that feeling). Thank goodness we ended up waking 9 miles that day.

The first thing my naturopathologist does is put her clients on a gluten-free and dairy free eating plan.

Eating gluten and dairy free can help with unnecessary inflammation in your body! I have had a few young clients in their 30’s having achy joints all over their body as a result from eating dairy.

When I eat light, dairy and gluten free, I feel so much lighter and leaner - I highly recommend trying it and seeing how you feel. Disclaimer: I know that it is not for everyone. So I suggest you give it a good try of a month, and then evaluate how you feel.

We are so lucky to have so many choices - fresh fruits and veggies, healthy prepared foods, organic, gluten-free foods everywhere, especially in the city. We need to take advantage of it!

It is up to us to choose what we put in our bodies. Eating has a cumulative effect.

1.) Thinking ahead before you choose helps tremendously. “I will feel so much better eating a salad, chicken and avocado instead of a sandwich with all that bread and turkey loaded with sodium.”  

2.) Plan ahead for your day — breakfast with protein, two healthy snacks, before & after lunch (nuts & fruit) and a healthier option for lunch.

3.) Think of food as fuel for your body. You would put top of the line oil and gasoline in your new Porsche, right? So put top quality foods in your body so you feel and look your best and have energy all day long.

Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be you.