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Train at home or in the gym with my functional workouts that focus on sculpting and toning muscles while improving core strength.

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Follow my tips and tricks for a balanced diet that complements your training. I'll even offer suggestions on how to work in a "cheat meal" without throwing off all of your hard work.


The key to living a healthy life goes well beyond the physicality of it. It is important to enrich your mind, soul, and spirit as well.


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Beth Horn is an expert on health and fitness who believes in a holistic approach focusing on the mind, body, and soul. She is a National Fitness Champion who overcame two serious knee injuries to pursue a career as a professional athlete. After earning her degree in exercise physiology, she established her own personal training business while also traveling all over the world for fitness conventions and competitions. Beth is also well known for her character "VENOM" on NBC's hit show, American Gladiators.

While Beth's twenty years of experience is what draws clients in, it's her bubbly personality, positive energy, and realistic approach to health and fitness that keeps them coming back. Although it may be hard to believe by looking at her, Beth fully understands the hard-work and dedication that it takes to achieve your weight loss goals. Beth's personal fitness journey began with her hiring a trainer and going from a size 10/12 down to a 2/4 in just four months.

Beth is also a certified joga coach. Joga is yoga for athletes which combines the biomechanics of sports with breath and mindset.


In addition to the trust, attitude and confidence that Beth and I have built, I just enjoy being around her positive energy. I am able to really be present and in the moment with her. I believe that she cares deeply about me, my family and my successes and challenges both inside and outside the gym. Our workouts are intense but fly by because we so enjoy the time together. After only 5 months, I am stronger, more confident and happier because Beth is in my life.


I think the value is in the results. It's waking up and seeing how much my body has changed from our years of training together. I value your positive energy, endless encouragement, and telling me to let it go when I fall off track! There is short-term value in feeling awesome and confident after a targeted workout and long-term value when the compliments start flowing in!


I trust Beth’s ability to help me achieve my fitness goals because she has personally accomplished her own and is dedicated to helping others also achieve their goals. I have worked with other trainers in the past who were not in top shape and not fitness “professionals”. I was skeptical of their ability to guide me through the necessary steps to achieve my goals when they did not seem dedicated to their own. I trust Beth because she genuinely cares about me as a person, business professional, wife, mother and friend.


Beth is an extremely talented professional and an extraordinary person. She brings an infectious energy and enthusiasm to every training session, always introducing new elements to keep things exciting.  Working with Beth over the past 6 years has literally changed my life.  I feel physically stronger and my ability to handle stress has improved exponentially. Beth is one of the most upbeat, positive and inspirational people that I know and I feel very fortunate to have her as my trainer and friend.

Kim K.